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Here’s our latest update on all that’s been happening and what’s on the horizon. See samples of the comic book we produced for Mongolia! Click on an image below to see it in higher quality.

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Happy 5th Birthday Sammy!

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How are you five?! You are such a fun kid! The older you get the more fun you become.

DSC01121 edited

Speaking of fun, you LOVE playing games. You would seriously be happy to play board games all day long if you could. In fact, you’ve decided you want to be a board game designer when you grow up. And you really track the games and get the strategy. It’s pretty fun to watch your brain learn a new game… you’re super quick to pick things up.

c700554b-444e-4233-8f02-6461e70aaf26 edited

You love to swim and you’re super excited for swim lessons this summer

You love your family fiercely. You light up when you get to have daddy time. You love to snuggle mommy and you often say “I love mommy” over and over. You love to play with your brothers- whether it’s wrestling with Joshua or pretend play with Charlie or Sorry with them both. You love your extended family with the same fierceness and are so excited any time you get to see any of them.


I love watching you get absorbed in a project. You are focused, detailed and careful.

You’re probably going to grow up into quite a fashion lover. You love shopping and clothes and getting new clothes always brings you great joy.

You LOVE school. You are a learning sponge. You’re super excited to start Kindergarten next year and you’re especially excited to learn how to read. Whenever you have to miss school you are always disappointed.


You do everything big. And we love you. WE LOVE YOU SAMMY! Happy Birthday, buddy :)

February Newsletter


We’re halfway through the Frontier Comics Seminar and it’s going great! Click on the newsletter below to read it full size.

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December Newsletter

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Our last newsletter of the year. Happy Christmas everyone! (Click on the newsletter to view it full size.)

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November Newsletter

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Check out our latest newsletter to learn more about the upcoming Frontier Comics Seminar and the exciting project we’ll be working on with our students! (Click on the newsletter to read it full size.)

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September Newsletter

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We have returned back to Washington and are officially recovered from jet lag! We are excited to not only be home near friends and family but to head into a new season at YWAM North Cascades. Read all about it in our latest newsletter (click on the newsletter to read it full size).

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Summer Newsletter

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We are in the thick of the hot, humid Taiwan summer as well as the production phase of Jason’s school. Time is flying and we have about five weeks left here before we return to Washington. Here’s our summer newsletter to update y’all with everything that’s happened since our last writing in April! (Click on the newsletter to read it full-size.)

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Happy 8th Birthday, Joshua!


Joshua, you’re 8! This year you seem to have gotten older, taller and more grown-up faster than years past. Is that possible?

DSC01080 edted

Seriously kid, you’re a heartbreaker.

I don’t know where my cute little toddler went but I when I look into the future I see you swiftly growing into a young man. And it’s freaking me out! So, slow down a little bit, okay?

You love the beach, bacon, climbing (anywhere and everywhere), building things, swimming, and adventure. You’ve decided you’re more of a big city person and you’ve been loving living in Taipei.


You’re daring and courageous, yet not reckless. You’re strategic and impressively good at games like Monopoly. You’re so sweet to your baby brother Charlie, you treat him with such gentleness and care. You love dates with dad and have enjoyed getting inducted into the world of Star Wars with him this year.


You’re basically a ninja

You process inside so I often wonder what’s going on in that big brain of yours. I always enjoy when you let me in and tell me the elaborate story you’re thinking of or whatever thought process you’re having.

You’re super creative… whether it’s in a drawing or a lego creation or a story or a game that you’ve made up for you and Sammy to play. You’re a really good teacher. You love to show your brothers how to do things and you’re very patient at explaining new concepts to them.


Eight is great!

You’re a people person. You love to meet new people and make new friends. I love watching you at the playground because you have no fear walking up to kids and asking them to play. Even when you don’t speak the same language. I wish I was as brave as you!

Happy birthday buddy. I know it’s not the same having your birthday in a foreign place but you’ve been such a trooper about it. I hope you still feel super celebrated and as special as you are. You are so very very loved.



Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlie!


Charlie, you’re two!


You’re officially not a baby anymore! You have an adorable and expanding vocabulary of words that often need translating. Your favorite things to say are:

stevia stirred up (which means you want milk with some stevia in it)

na na ba ba! (which means nanananana, batman!)

chase! (which means Paw Patrol)

and my favorite, mommy and daddy. Actually, you often stand at the window and yell “BYE DADDY!” in the middle of the day when dad’s not around. It’s so cute.


You know you’re cute

You win hearts everywhere you go. You automatically stop and smile and say “CHEESE” when a phone or camera is pointed at you. You have an adorable smirk and a way of flirting with people you don’t know. You are also finding your voice and let us know when you don’t like something with an amazingly loud scream.


To say you love your brothers would be an understatement. You adore them. You try to do everything they do. You love to follow either of them around and play whatever they are playing. You love snuggling with them and giving them kisses. You especially think it’s funny when they pretend like your kisses are gross. They love you bunches back. And they’ve kindly given you new vocabulary words like “no way!” and “butt.” Thanks boys.



2018-04-16 - 26_charlie

You have no fear on the playground

I think having big brothers has increased your learning curve in life. You can already climb to the top of the rope thingy at the playground (which gives me a slight heartattack) and you can totally spin a beyblade without assistance.


You are anxious to get big and be independent. But, you’re still my baby! You still like to snuggle at bedtime and in the morning. You still suck your thumb constantly. You still run for a hug when you hurt yourself. You still prefer mom or dad to anyone else. Stay little for just awhile longer, sweet boy.


April Newsletter

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Click on the newsletter below to read our first update from Taiwan!

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