Charlie- you are sweet, adorable, energetic and FIVE! Can you believe it? Where’s my baby? He’s turned into a big kid!

You are so fun. You have a fantastic vocabulary, a fun imagination and a joyful exuberance about you.

You love to draw. You love stories and singing silly songs. You love Sonic the Hedgehog and the color blue. You love climbing and jumping on the trampoline. You are a budding artist and you love to draw and paint and create. You have an undying love for oreos that has persisted for years. You REALLY like them.

You love your family and friends wholeheartedly. You get along (most of the time) with both your brothers and you think the world of them. You are my snuggliest snuggler and I love your hugs. You are so sweet and are always quick to apologize and quick to forgive.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. We’re so glad you’re in our family. We love you! Let’s go have oreos.