Sammy, you’re seven! You have grown and matured so much this year. It’s fun to see your personality develop. You are full of passion and energy and enthusiasm. You are focused and determined when you set your mind to something.

You often have one passion you zero in on that rises above all the other things you love. Currently, it’s bearded dragons. We have read every book we could find, watched every video, shopped for every beardie related item and you ask for multiple chores a day to save up for this anticipated pet. I love your focus, your passion and your one-track-mindedness!

Why yes, yes that is a bearded dragon cheesecake and a bearded dragon tshirt!

You love a lot of things with fierceness: your friends, your family, basketball, minecraft, pokemon and super mario, to name a few. Oh, and sugar. You have an undying love for sugar and would eat it all day long if we let you.

You are a quick learner and a smart cookie. You’ve become such a good reader. You’re an excellent student and you give school 110%. We’re proud of you and we love you so much, Sam Sam. Here’s to being 7!!