10! An entire decade! Double digits! Ten years ago you changed our lives forever. It went by so fast, I imagine I’m going to blink and you’ll be 20. Let’s just take a moment to look at that sweet baby bobo from 10 years ago!


So much has changed but you’re still just as cute. I love listening to your creative ideas and seeing the things you come up with. I love how you don’t follow a pattern or a recipe when you create but you want to come up with your own way of doing things- whether it’s making yourself breakfast or creating a pearler bead creation or doing a Pinterest science project. You are innovative, creative and an out-of-the-box thinker.


your driftwood fort creation

Some of your favorite things right now are listening to audiobooks, playing Minecraft, talking to your friends on messenger, whittling, water fights, and, of course, eating bacon. You love animals, music, acting, campfires, creating, and all things warm and snuggly. You especially love dogs. I love how you will approach anyone with a dog and respectfully ask if you can pet them. Dogs seem to really like you too!jakjak DSC03224

You learn fast, run fast, and love to do everything fast! You love playing team soccer, playing freeze tag or “tickle monster” at the park and love it when dad or I will race you.

I love your confidence. I love your sweet smile. I love the way you still want to snuggle with me and tell me you love me. You may be a big ten year old, but you’re still my baby bobo.


Happy Birthday Joshua! We love you SO much.