Charlie, you’re FOUR! You get more precious and adorable as you grow. You are a sweet soul who loves deeply and snuggles heartily.

You have a deep and undying love of all things Batman. You are enthusiastic about all of the things you love: the color green, the letter “C”, Batman, peanut butter and jelly, and Oreos, to name a few.

You are also super loyal to the people you love. You love both your brothers with your entire being. You get so excited for mom snuggles and daddy bike rides. Anytime we are going to see one of your extended family or one of your favorite friends you are thrilled. You’re a peacemaker and a joy bringer.

You love to play games, go on bike rides, do puzzles, draw and color, go on scavenger hunts, jump on the trampoline and anything your brothers are doing. You play well by yourself and often get lost in a world of pretend all on your own.

You’re getting so big and learning so much. We are so glad you are a part of our family. We love you mucho mucho. Happy Birthday Charlie Barley!