Sam Sam, you’re six!

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your favorite dessert: cinnamon rolls!

It is so fun to watch you get older. You are adorable- although you don’t like to be told that. You are maturing and growing so much! You are also super fun. You love games and can often be found playing monopoly or your current favorite game with dad at 6am! You guys are my early birds.

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I think your main love language is giving and receiving gifts. You LOVE to shop, to buy things and to give gifts. This Christmas you asked if you could exchange gifts with your brothers and you took just as much joy out of choosing their gifts as you did receiving yours from them. We love that about you.


You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You love your friends & family with great exuberance. You love basketball passionately. You have an undying love of Power Rangers and Spiderman.


You got an award at school for consistently being helpful, empathetic, respectful and obedient!

You are focused and determined. You give 110% at school and it shows. You are swiftly becoming an excellent reader and a math whiz. You pick things up quickly and treat your teachers with great respect. We are so proud of you.

We love you so much buddy. Happy birthday!!