Charlie, you’re two!


You’re officially not a baby anymore! You have an adorable and expanding vocabulary of words that often need translating. Your favorite things to say are:

stevia stirred up (which means you want milk with some stevia in it)

na na ba ba! (which means nanananana, batman!)

chase! (which means Paw Patrol)

and my favorite, mommy and daddy. Actually, you often stand at the window and yell “BYE DADDY!” in the middle of the day when dad’s not around. It’s so cute.


You know you’re cute

You win hearts everywhere you go. You automatically stop and smile and say “CHEESE” when a phone or camera is pointed at you. You have an adorable smirk and a way of flirting with people you don’t know. You are also finding your voice and let us know when you don’t like something with an amazingly loud scream.


To say you love your brothers would be an understatement. You adore them. You try to do everything they do. You love to follow either of them around and play whatever they are playing. You love snuggling with them and giving them kisses. You especially think it’s funny when they pretend like your kisses are gross. They love you bunches back. And they’ve kindly given you new vocabulary words like “no way!” and “butt.” Thanks boys.



2018-04-16 - 26_charlie

You have no fear on the playground

I think having big brothers has increased your learning curve in life. You can already climb to the top of the rope thingy at the playground (which gives me a slight heartattack) and you can totally spin a beyblade without assistance.


You are anxious to get big and be independent. But, you’re still my baby! You still like to snuggle at bedtime and in the morning. You still suck your thumb constantly. You still run for a hug when you hurt yourself. You still prefer mom or dad to anyone else. Stay little for just awhile longer, sweet boy.