Sammy, you’re four! We love your crazy faced antics, your big hugs, your loud enthusiasm and your adorable conversations.


we made this poster for preschool to celebrate your birthday

You love your brothers fiercly. You love snuggles with mom and mornings with dad. You love pajamas and shopping and cereal and anything with sugar in it. You REALLY love the tv show PJ Masks and your most favorite character is Gekko. We are required to tell you a PJ Masks bedtime story every night and most nights you want to be Gekko in the story.


you showing off your PJ Masks toys in your new Gekko sweatshirt

You love games (especially Uno) riding your strider bike, being outside for any reason, having daddy push you on the swings and playing “tickle monster” with mommy.

IMG_6398 (1)

You are hilarious, compassionate, and you do everything big! You find such joy in the little things and often have a thankful attitude… which makes you fun to spoil. Keep your sense of wonder even as you grow. We sure love you, Sammy Nash!