Joshua, you’re seven! I think that means you’re not a little kid anymore and have officially moved to big kid status. You are growing in responsibility and abilities.


Could you be more adorable? Nope, didn’t think so.

You’re an adventurer and a natural traveler. I have loved watching you adjust to our time in Mexico and the way you approach people and easily form friendships. You put yourself out there in trying to communicate in Spanish and in interacting with the people we are reaching out to. I’m proud of you.

tooth fairy

Not every seven year old can say they’ve gotten pesos from the tooth fairy!

You love soccer and swimming and legos and Pokemon and building things and the ocean. And bacon. You really really love bacon. Your love language is quality time and you especially like to go on “dates” with just you and mom or dad. We like it too. I love to hear you talk about the things you are interested in- whether it’s all about a certain Pokemon or which Ninjago character is your favorite or what creation you’ve dreamed up in your mind to build out of legos.


the Pikachu piñata you picked out for your birthday

You’re about to be a first grader! You’re learning to read and you’re getting really good at math. You are also good with logic and words. I’m pretty sure you could be a lawyer. You can convince your brother to do almost anything and you are pretty good at convincing mom and dad too ;)

We sure love you, buddy. We love watching you grow and learn and we’re excited to keep traveling and adventuring with you! Happy birthday!