One year ago this sweet little one entered our lives. I probably say this on every birthday in our family… but I can’t believe how fast that year went! Somewhere along the way our sweet baby bundle started turning into a little kid. And now he’s crawling all over tarnation and clearly enthralled with his big brothers.

CuteFace 2686

Charlie, you’re the sweetest! You love to smile, snuggle and roam free. You have a cute way of burying your head in mom or dad’s chest when a new person greets you… only to look up at them with a grin. Your favorite food is peanut butter toast. I take it back, your favorite food is ice cream. Not that you’ve had your own ice cream yet but you’ve managed enough tastes to know that you love it and you make a hilarious sound whenever anyone is eating it. You clearly want it for yourself.

You recently learned how to clap and always have an expression of joy on your face while clapping. You are a calm and easy going baby as you observe the big world around you. We are so thrilled to have you in our family. Happy Birthday, little guy! May all the cupcakes be yours.

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