making waffles- your favorite breakfast

Happy Birthday Sammy Nash! You are getting so big! It is so fun to watch you grow into your personality and to discover what makes you uniquely you.

You’ve turned into quite the talker. The way you express your thoughts and feelings is precious. I wish I could capture all the cute things you say and the inflections in your voice. I know I won’t remember it all so I try and soak it up in the moment.

You’re hilarious. You’re a ham. You love to be silly and to make people laugh.


our sweet goofball

You’re a snuggler. You melt into a hug with your whole self. You love to be held and carried and tickled.

You’re enthusiastic. And loud. You have a great big belly laugh that we just adore. You love big. And sometimes a little violently. You give great big bear hugs. You have great big feelings. We like to kid that you have two volumes: loud and off.

You LOVE your big brother. You love to be “matchy matchy” with Joshua. It is a crime whenever Joshua goes off to do some big kid thing that you cannot be included in. Your face lights up when you get to join him on an adventure. You want to match him in every way, down to the color of your underwear.

You love to help me cook. And to eat “Joes Ohs” with daddy early in the morning. And you love being outside and going on walks.

You love superheroes. And wearing costumes. And you seem to even kind of like bad guys. Your imagination is growing and it’s fun to watch. Sometimes you convince yourself that the Grinch or the Gorg or some other villian is in the other room and you run to us for safety. Or you pretend you are a “minja” and you go to fight the bad guy yourself.

You have been talking about having a Paw Patrol birthday party since Joshua’s birthday in July. I’m excited to finally have this epic party this weekend. I love the way your entire face lights up and you squeal when anything related to your birthday is mentioned.

So happy 3rd birthday big kid! We love you lots and lots and hope you feel thoroughly celebrated today.


Captain Spider Robin