“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

We have some big news! As of January 1, after a lot of prayer,  we have decided that we will be stepping off staff of the church where I have been pastoring. We are excited to be joining the staff of a new local Youth With A Mission campus in our area called YWAM North Cascades. This will combine our long-held passion for mentoring young adults with our hearts for missions, having local impact with a global reach, all while being rooted in the northwest in close proximity to our family. Investing in the lives of young people who want to change the world and sharing the hope of Jesus with those who’ve never heard makes our hearts come alive, and this transition is in response to passions that have persisted over decades as we have been serving Jesus.

YWAM laid a huge foundation for me (Jason) early on in my Christian life after college, and so I  am excited to help others have this life-changing experience. For those unfamiliar, YWAM, founded in 1960, is the largest missions organization in the world now in over 180 nations. Before getting hired at North County Christ The King, we were a part of a group of people praying for God to bring a YWAM base to our area. We began to see many of our weekly prayers get answered: from the amazing facility given in downtown Lynden, to the widespread community support, to the amazing set of experienced and gifted directors God brought (Jeremy and Jen Dorrough). The new base has started with a banner kick-off Discipleship Training School (DTS) this September with 34 students from 9 different nations!  As the new YWAM campus began to take shape downtown, we began to ponder what our involvement would look like. I led a trip to Thailand and Cambodia through YWAM this summer, and have been leading weekly evangelism outreaches to Western’s campus with the current DTS students in my free time this fall. These experiences have confirmed this passion and sense of calling.

As we step off the staff of the church and join staff with YWAM our family is headed for some international adventures! Stay tuned for exciting details…

Until then, you can learn more about YWAM North Cascades at or by watching this video: