You’re six! Six years ago you changed our lives. Six years ago you were a tiny baby and now you are such a big kid!

You are a fountain of creativity. You love to take turns telling stories, build creations with legos, color beautiful pictures and imagine other worlds to play in. We often answer our “question book” at dinner time and the question one night was “what can we do to have more fun?” Your answer was “if the whole world was made out of gummy bears.” And tonight you said you wished we lived on the moon. I love the way your mind works.

I loved watching you learn and make friends this year in pre-Kindergarten. You are soaking in so much right now and you love learning. You are ready and SO excited to start Kindergarten in the fall. I know you will love school.

You are an adventurer. You love to climb and swing and bike and run. Your current favorite activities at home are climbing the tree and playing “ball tag” with the neighbors. I love hearing your squeals of delight as you play and run.


your happy place

You also love ninjas. You have some sweet ninja moves and you love to sneak around the house trying to surprise us with your ninja stealth.

You are a great big brother. You love to hold Charlie and help Sammy. They both adore you. Sammy wants to do everything you do because you’re so cool. I love it when the two of you play together. And I love how gentle and sweet you are to Charlie. You like to help me by trying to calm him down if he’s crying and I’m in the middle of something. You are a sweet boy.


You snuggling Charlie

Here are some milestones you reached this year: you learned how to swing on your own and how to climb a tree, you can now count to 100 and beyond, you can color in the lines, you’ve started adding, and yesterday you lost your first tooth!


You are such a gift in our lives. We love you, buddy! Happy Birthday!