newest bobo: daddy and I already love you bunches and bunches

To the Littlest Bobo Brother,

It’s only a week until your due date! Soon you’ll be here and we are all super excited to meet you- to see your cute face and kiss your sweet toes. Time has gone by so fast since we found out you exist that it hardly seems real.

39 weeks belly IMG_1548

This is you inside of me at 39 weeks!

Everyone wants to meet you. You have an entire extended family awaiting your cuteness. But you know what I’m most excited about? You meeting your brothers. They are the best gift we have for you. Two big brothers to love you, protect you, teach you, wrestle you and grow up with you.

brothers IMG_3928

here they are, your sweet brothers!

Joshua is your oldest brother. He was born to be a big brother. He LOVES babies and wants us to have as many babies as possible. He has a lot of practice being a big brother to Sammy- he loves to include Sammy and play with him and I know he’ll love you too. You’re going to want to do everything he does. And he’ll be happy to teach you all sorts of things. He already loves to talk to you and kiss you through my tummy.

Sammy is your middle brother. He will make you laugh, for sure. He is super goofy and expressive. He will snuggle the snot out of you. You might need to give him a little time to get used to the idea of not being the family baby anymore.


brother love

I look forward to seeing you each grow into who you were uniquely created to be. And I’m glad you will have each other to learn from. I’m sure you won’t always all get along and that you’ll have many moments of fighting and frustration, but my prayer is that overall you would love each other, learn to be kind & respectful to each other and be good friends when you’re all grown up. Take it from me, being the youngest of three is a pretty sweet deal. Come on out whenever you’re ready- your brothers will be here waiting! Love, mom


You are still my first baby and I love you to pieces. I am so proud of the big brother you’ve been to Sammy. I know it’s not always easy and that sometimes you’d rather just play alone, but I love that mostly you just want to be with him. Sammy adores you. When you leave to go to school or spend the night at Grandma & Grandpa’s he misses you and often cries for his “bobo.” I look forward to seeing you hold and snuggle your newest little brother soon. Love, mom


You are such a sweet snuggle bug. I know you have no idea what’s about to happen to your predictable little world. You sweetly say “baby” and poke my belly button, but do you know there is a real live little person in there? Soon you will see! I hope you know that even though you won’t be the baby of the family anymore, you’ll always be my baby. I will still give you the snuggles you need even though you might have to learn to wait for them sometimes. You are becoming such an independent little guy and it’s so fun to watch you learn to talk and see your silly personality develop. I’m glad you adore your big brother so much. I bet this little guy is going to feel the same way about you! I love you, mom.

its a boy DSC_0723.jpg

They’re fighting for your attention already, little one!