Sammy, it’s your birthday! You are heading into the terrific twos and we are so excited. You are ADORABLE. Really.

CA DSC_0162 square

You’re starting to talk. Which makes you even more adorable. You have special names for all of us (mommy=mommai, daddy=nana, brother=bobo, grandma/grandpa=baba, auntie=teetee). Your very first word was baby. You also say “bee-o” like a little cute minion. You can say choo choo, go-go, night night, bye bye, okay (do-day) cookie (dohdee), more (mo), and a ton of other fun semi-indistinguishable phrases.

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You LOVE to hug and snuggle. We’re happy to oblige. You adore your brother and try to do everything he does. You love polar bears (you call them “ow”) and trains and bandaids and temporary tattoos and stuffed animals and peanut butter and ice cream and minions.

We love it when you dance. And we love to hear your laugh. You make some of the best facial expressions. I wish I could capture each one in a photo or video.

Happy birthday buddy! We’re glad you are a part of our family and we look forward to seeing more of your personality and uniqueness as you grow. We love you!

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