Five? How can you already be five? Just a second ago you were a tiny bundle of baby burrito in my arms. Now you’re five. Now you are ready to conquer the world. You can ride a bike (without training wheels you’re happy to point out). You can count to 50. You can build with legos and do the monkey bars and write your name and help empty the dishwasher and all sorts of big kid stuff. You’re five!

P14You love people. You love to make new friends. Your favorite activity is to go bike riding with daddy through the neighborhood looking for other kids to play with. And you get along well with other kids too- you are happy to share and take turns and work together with other people.

You especially love your brother. You’re so good with him and he adores you. You love to help him and play with him. I love how you include him even though he’s a little guy.

I love the questions you ask. Keep asking, buddy. You’re a sponge. You love to learn about how things work- especially the human body.

I love that even though you’re getting older you’re not too old yet to snuggle with your mom. Even though most of the day you’re jumping and racing and running and expending all sorts of crazy energy- you still love to snuggle at bedtime.

We love you, buddy. Happy birthday to my favorite five year old!