Sammy, you’re one! I can’t even believe it. This past year has flown by the fastest of them all. And yet, I can hardly remember our family without your sweet smile. You have a contagious joy for life. I love watching you discover things around you. Even the simple things become fascinating as you investigate. I love seeing you accomplish new things. The look on your face when you reach the top of the stairs all by yourself or give me a high five when I ask is priceless. You are super ticklish and quick to smile. You’re a snuggle buggle through and through. I love that about you because I’m one too.


I love how your whole face lights up when you see your brother or your daddy. And the little twinkle in your eye when you try to crawl away from me knowing I’ll chase you and tickle you. You are probably going to be quite the talker as you always have a lot to say, even though we can’t understand you yet.


I can’t wait to see more of your personality as you grow over the next few years. You’re a true gift from Jesus and we celebrate you today.


Happy birthday buddy. Smooches and cupcakes and lots of hugs for you.