Joshua, you’re four! What a little man you have become. It is so fun to watch you grow and to discover your unique personality.

You adore babies…most of all, your baby brother, Sammy. You want to give him hugs and kisses and make him smile constantly. Every time you meet a new baby you are so excited, sweet and gentle. It is precious to watch you entertain Sammy, to try to cheer him up when he’s sad, and to always get him to smile. You are a fantastic big brother.

I love watching you learn. You can count to ten now and recognize all the letters of the alphabet. You have an incredible memory and often remind me of things I’ve forgotten. You are a smarty, that’s for sure. I love how detailed you are and how you pay attention to things. You want to know how everything works and why everything is the way it is.

And I love watching you play. If it were up to you, life would be a grand race. You love to be chased, to run, to kick the soccer ball, and to ride your bike. You are super competitive and turning into a really good runner.

I love your imagination. You constantly want to play pretend games with us. Your favorite is to either pretend to be a character from a movie or to be a kitty cat. It’s pretty precious. You also like to make up songs when you think no one is listening. Usually you sing a song called “Jesus made everything” and it involves listing off all of the things you can think of that Jesus made.

I love listening to you talk. You have suddenly started trying to understand more complex concepts like death, growing up and God. We had a good 15 minute conversation the other day on why people die and you asked such great questions.

Yesterday you were so proud of yourself for how fast you ran that you said to me, “I am amazing!” I agree, buddy, you ARE amazing. I know I tell you to stop growing up, but really, I’m excited to watch you grow and mature. We love you bunches and bunches.