Dear Littlest Bobo,

We are starting to get excited to meet you in the next few weeks! Joshua has already declared that you’re “awesome, like us” and is ready to teach you all sorts of things. I told him he might have to wait awhile before you can play with him but that he can help me take care of you. Daddy likes to talk to you through my tummy and is predicting that you will arrive on my birthday. Who knows, but wouldn’t it be fun to share a birthday? I am cherishing these last few moments of having you inside of me. Every kick, every wiggle is such a gift… I will miss feeling you move inside of me. This whole pregnancy journey is such an incredible mystery… I can’t get over it. Even though you’ve been living inside of me for 9 months I still can’t believe it’s real. Jesus has sure blessed us with you already. I hope you’re ready to be smothered with love when you come out!

Love you lots already, mom.

We've been watching you grow inside of me...can't wait to watch you grow in person!

We’ve been watching you grow inside of me…can’t wait to watch you grow in person!

Dear Big Brother Bobo,

You are already such a great big brother! You love to give your little brother kisses and hugs through my tummy. I see you look at other babies with great fascination and interest and I know you will be kind & loving to this little one. You are such a delight. I love your smile, your giggles, your snuggles. I love the way you are learning to express your thoughts and emotions. I love your independence and your fearlessness. I love your imagination.

You are my first baby. You are the one who made me a mom. You were so long awaited in our lives. Joshua, I hope you know how cherished you are. You are so special. Our family and our lives will change when this little one arrives but remember, even though you’ll have to share mommy and daddy, our love for you will never change! Never doubt that.

I love you with all my heart, mom.

I love you my little fishy face.

I love you my little fishy face.