JAK's 3

Happy Birthday little man! You are getting so very big. Just a year ago you only said a handful of words and now you can have an entire conversation with us. We love talking to talk to you and learning what’s going on in your mind and heart. You are a tender boy and yet full of passion and energy. You often come in for snuggles in the morning- definitely my favorite time of day.

I love your appreciation for order- how you like to line up your toys or you always make sure the pantry door is closed when you walk by. I love the twinkle in your eye when you’re kidding about something. I love the way you hold your head to your shoulder when you’re being shy and you don’t want to tell a new person your name. I love watching you learn and process new concepts. Sometimes you make fun connections- like when I said your fingernails were getting long and you said, “yeah, they’re grown up!” or how you told me you were turning 5 on your birthday because of how badly you want to play on that playground at the school that only five year olds get to go to. You adore other people, especially other kids. I like that about you too. You are fearless, yet careful- which puts me at ease as you climb all over tarnation. You are more and more independent every day and even went to your first camp this week without mom!

We are so grateful for you. We love you. Happy birthday! Let’s go get a cupcake and some balloons.


all ready for Super Hero Camp!