I was thinking about posting an update on our lives so I came to our blog and looked back at the last few entries. Apparently we are every-three-months sort of bloggers :) Well, it may not make for a massive following but it’s still fun to post our updates here for those that are interested and for our general posterity ;) So, here you have it, our lives for the last three-ish months!

1. In January we discovered the Bellingham railway museum. Hours of indoor toddler fun!

train museum

2. My friend & neighbor, Megan, and I happen to have the same birthday in February. So, naturally, we had a twintastic birthday bash. Complete with photo booth.

yes, we both owned these shirts before we even met each other

my favorite twins of the day

3. I have long held the opinion that in Bellingham you always get a really nice week of weather in February that fools you into thinking spring has arrived. When it happens, get out in the sun and enjoy it! Just don’t expect it to last :)

boulevard image

boulevard image(3)

4. Baking. What better way to survive the dreary winter? I’m heading into new territory and learning the art of sourdough.

first bread DSC_3313

And perfecting the less healthy art of cupcakes :)

mocha glory

mocha glory

5. Although we now live near our family we decided we liked our tradition of delaying Christmas until February. So, during another deceptively sunny day we celebrated Christmas with our family tradition of the grab bag.

seesters together!

seesters together!

cousins! too bright for a proper photo :)

cousins! too bright for a proper photo :)

6. February 28 was the nation-wide Collegiate Day of Prayer. Jason helped coordinate the various campus ministries at WWU to come together for 10 hours of prayer on campus followed by an evening gathering of prayer together. It was an encouraging day of unified prayer! Throughout the day as students came and went there were 20-45 students there for every hour of the 10 hours of prayer. Then, in the evening close to 200 students, faculty and community members gathered for a time of repentance, prayer and worship. Leaders and students from each group helped facilitate a time of moving through the Lord’s Prayer with group prayer and short exhortations throughout. It was powerful! And now there are bi-weekly worship nights and daily student-led prayer meetings on campus that have sprung from the event.


7. In March we took a spontaneous vacay to Winthrop for a long weekend. Good family time!

winthrop DSC_3670

ready for sledding!

JAK porch 11x14 DSC_3544

winthrop DSC_3619

7. On another March weekend we were able to head down to Seattle to visit Jason’s brother & fam. Of course I forgot my camera (gasp!) but I swear we had a great time! (good thing Auntie Lisa has an iphone and shared this photo with me!)



8. And we wrapped up March with Easter egg hunting fun & more cupcakes!

easter DSC_3830

easter DSC_3846

Now we’re ready for spring! See you all in three months :)