Sometimes I think, “I should write an adoption update on the blog.” And then I think about how our only update is that we’ve been doing paperwork and our homestudy is finally almost done (again). On paper it may not look like we’re very far into the process. But in my heart, I’m in deep. I already love this precious little one even though I know absolutely nothing about him or her. I have room decorating schemes floating around in my brain and I pause every time I’m near the newborn clothes section at Target.

My heart is ready for you, little one! You have a daddy and mommy waiting for you, ready to let you know you are special, wanted and loved. You have a big brother who needs you so he can learn to share the limelight. He just loves little babies and is ready to be mommy’s big helper. You have grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins who are so excited to meet you.

A letter from our nephew that was accompanied by $5-
he bought a scooter from our yard sale fundraiser.

When I start to feel impatient at the process, I try to remember that Jesus has got it all worked out. Having once ridden the emotional roller coaster of the adoption journey, I hope I can remember this time in the midst of the ups and downs that when I get off the ride it will be clear that Jesus knows what child is best for each family and what family is best for each child. I hope I can remember along the road this time that when I look back it will all make sense and that His timing is perfect.

As we prepare for this little one I am most of all preparing my heart. I want to fling wide the doors of my heart and love without holding back in the thick of the process. It’s so tempting to want to guard my heart at least a little until we know that everything is said and done and we have a child in our home. But I am determined, by God’s grace, to not live from the place of self-protection and instead to love every birth mother and every little one we come across in our journey with all that I have. ~Kara