Welcome to the Terrific Twos, Joshua!

You grow more fun each day. You take such delight in learning new things and doing things yourself. It is so fun to watch. You are growing more affectionate with each day and now when I ask for a kiss you will lean in to my face, or when I ask for a hug you will stretch your arms out, or when I ask for a “nose-nose” you’ll put your cute little nose right up to mine. I love you tremendously.

You are constantly talking. I don’t know what you’re saying most of the time, but it is a stream of precious words. And I love it when you sing! I sometimes forget that you pretty much understand everything I say but you remind me often by surprising me with your comprehension.

You are an outdoor-lovin’ boy, a climbing monkey, a playground addict, a smiling and laughing joy, a button pusher, and a somersaulting wiz. You LOVE water in all it’s forms- drinking, splashing, swimming, bathing, rain puddle stomping.

We took you to get a birthday haircut this past week and you look so much older now. You’re our handsome little man! But don’t forget, you’re still our baby bobo and we love you with all our hearts. Happy Birthday, Joshua Aidan!