Since I made a top ten list of things I was going to miss about Kansas City (and yes, I miss all of those things) I decided I needed a top ten list of the things I love about being here. So here you have it. And these are not in any particular order, just so you know. ~Kara

10. Family. I love being by family! Having most of our family within driving distance just makes me happy.

a weekend on the Oregon coast with the Kellys

9. Light of the World Prayer Center. The people are awesome and God’s doing cool stuff here. What more could you want?

Joshua “helping” dad at a prayer meeting

8. Haggen. Ok, I know I’m a nerd, but really, nothing compares to the grocery stores in Washington. You just have to come shop here to know it and I’m happy to leave the Grandview Price Chopper in my distant memory. Um, I don’t have a picture.

7. The parks. I can’t get over how beautiful it is here. Maybe I just didn’t appreciate it until I left it.

Whatcom Falls

6. Cool weather. This one’s a mixed bag… some have been calling this month “June-uary” And yes, I would enjoy a little bit more sun and a little bit higher temperatures. But I’ll take 70˚ and cloudy over 100˚ and humid any day.

this week’s weather

5. Staalacres. Good food, grandparents, an epic tree house and five acres of beauty. It’s my favorite weekend destination.

grandpa pushing Joshua on the tree house swing

4. Where we live. We literally live just a few feet from the prayer center. Which happens to have a playground. You can’t get a better commute to work!

Joshua really loves the slide next door

3. Berries. Who doesn’t love fresh local real berries?

Joshua enjoying a fresh strawberry

2. Cousins. Joshua has four older cousins nearby and he LOVES them all. He adores following them around and trying to be like the “big” kids.

Tanner and Joshua

1. Bobos. Granted, this one’s kind of like cheating because it’s not unique to Washington. But if we’re honest, bobos are the best part about living anywhere. :)

the bobos at a friend’s wedding