10. Missouri’s varied and fascinating wild life. Really, I’ve seen some of the weirdest bugs and backyard creatures here!

I know, frogs aren't that unique... but this cute little guy
was in our back yard along with a ton of other creatures :)

9. So many fun memories with so many fabulous people. From ropes courses that literally made me cry to paintball adventures to camping excursions to fro-yo comraderie to the biggest 4th of July bonfire on the planet to playing cards late at night in the dining room with friends…. it’s been good.

8. Frozen custard. Really, does this exist anywhere else? It’s probably good for me to be far far away from it.

7. Our home (particularly our fabulous kitchen).

6. The Plaza- my favorite place in KC since the first time I visited. It’s got the best priced movies around, my favorite Blanc’s burger joint, and the bestest store on the planet: Paper Source!

5. Five Super Targets within a 30 minute drive. Glory!

4. The farmer’s market. I’m sure I’ll fall in love with the Bellingham one, but I sure do love the Kansas City one. $1 scoop o’ spices!

3. Chipotle. Yes, whenever we drive the hour and a half to Seattle we WILL be eating a burrito.

2. The prayer room. Duh. It’s so gloriously full of talented musicians and heartfelt worshippers. Good thing I have the webstream…. not quite the same but close!

1. Really, what I could have put for every number is the people. I love the beautiful people here and the precious friends we’ve made. It’s sad to leave them. It’s why I claimed when we moved here that I wasn’t going to make any friends… because I knew we’d leave eventually and then my heart would break because I’d have to say goodbye.

How do you choose one picture for all the precious people you love?
I don't know but I sure will miss this lovely young lady...
she's already grown up so much since this picture 3 years ago!

Now that I’ve gone through all my photo albums and reminisced I’m feeling all nostalgicky and sad. Sigh. I will miss you beautiful people.