We turned in the first chunk of our homestudy paperwork and the first chunk of fees to the adoption agency! Hallelujah, the process is underway!

Now we will set up times to meet with the social worker and work on finishing the rest of our paperwork. We get to do fun things like go get fingerprinted (did you know it’s all digital now? No inky fingers for us!) go to the doctor for physicals and fill out more forms (yay!).

Doesn’t sound too exciting to you? I suppose the tasks themselves aren’t too exciting but when you think of each one as one step closer to holding an itty bitty bobo in your arms and telling him/her how much you love them, how you’ve dreamed about them and how wanted they are… well, it puts it all in perspective.

Want to help us get to the next step? We need to raise about $500 more by the time we have our first homestudy meeting and another $3500 by the time we are matched with a birth mother. Click on the “costs” tab at the top of the page for more information on how to give towards our adoption. And keep your eyes peeled for our fantabulous t-shirts we’ll be selling soon! Oooooh, they’re fun!