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You’re officially one and a half! We are discovering more of your personality each day and you’re a downright happy little guy. Your current favorite activities include climbing (on anything and everything), playing outside (and climbing on things outside),  being tickled, displaying your belly button when asked where it is, going up and down the stairs and chasing the dog around the house. You recently discovered that you can reach the table or the kitchen counter by climbing on one of the dining room chairs. Except for a few tumbles, you are remarkably balanced and talented at this.

Besides your beloved belly button, you also know where your nose, eyes and ears are located. You are desperate to try and do things on your own such as use a spoon, brush your teeth, and walk the dog. At the same time you are becoming just a wee bit more snuggly and clingy, which I personally find adorable.

Joshua Aidan, you are fabulous and we are so proud of you! Happy {belated} half birthday!