While I haven’t been writing many of these Thankful Thursday posts, I have continued to keep my eyes peeled for the big and little things I can be grateful for. So, why not start the new year off right and write my first Thankful Thursday post of 2012!

This week I’m thankful for the little things:

1. sideways smiles

2. a little one who loves the vacuum

Sometimes when playing with Joshua he’ll get this look on his face and he’ll move his jaw sideways and give you a silly grin. I love it.

this is an older picture but better than the one I took today

Joshua is a big fan of the vacuum. It’s so cute. He’s fascinated by it. This morning I vacuumed most of the house with him following behind me. He’d either be a few feet back holding the cord (which was actually quite helpful) or he was playing with something near by but always close to me (and the vacuum). Whenever I’d stop he would come over and check out the vacuum, try to push it, fiddle with the buttons. I am grateful to not have to add vacuuming to the long list of things I can only accomplish while he’s asleep (like blogging)!

helping with the cord

(And no, I don’t let him play with the vacuum or the vacuum cord unattended.)

attempting to push the vacuum

Don’t worry, little guy… as soon as you’re big enough, vacuuming will be one of your first chores! Seriously, though, I don’t normally enjoy vacuuming (just the results of having done it) but today it was so fun because I experienced it through his eyes of wonder.