Today is National Adoption Day! (and all of November is National Adoption Month). Courts around the country are open to finalize adoptions with a special emphasis on adoptions out of foster care.

We thought today would be a fitting day to announce our decision to pursue a second adoption! We’ve been thinking about it for awhile and finally got our act together this week to turn in our application to Hannah’s Dream adoption agency here in Kansas City. We still have a ways to go before this decision becomes a reality in the form of another member of the bobo family, but nevertheless we’re super excited! To sum up the process from here: we wait to hear if our application is accepted, complete another home study, wait to be matched with a birth mother and then wait for placement of baby bobo #2.

We’d appreciate your prayers in this time as we prepare and wait. For the right child to be placed in our family, for baby bobo #2’s birthmother, for peace during the entire process and for God’s perfect timing :)

Thanks! Love, Jason, Kara & Joshua