Today is one year from the day we finalized Joshua’s adoption, aka his “Gotcha Day.” One year since he became legally, officially, forever a Kelly… of course he was already family in our hearts from the minute we said yes to adopting him. Nevertheless, we think it’s fun to celebrate his Gotcha Day every year. It’s like having two birthdays! I think I’d like to write him a letter every year on this day as well. My dad wrote each of us a letter on valentine’s day every year when we were growing up (actually he still writes them!). I cherish these letters and the way they convey my dad’s love for me. So, why not a Gotcha Day letter? Here goes year #1 :)

Dear Joshua,

You are a delight! Your joy is contagious, your smile is precious and your laugh is fantastic. I love how you recently realized how fun it is to be tickled. You love to run down the hallway in anticipation that I will chase you and that when I find you I will tickle you. You are laughing long before I ever reach you. It melts my heart and even though I get tired from running up the stairs after you I find myself doing it over and over because of how much you love it. I love the way you adore Tozer and chase her all over the living room so that you can pet her, hug her and lay on her. You LOVE being outside. Swings, slides, sticks… these are your favorite. Daddy taught you how to “sword fight” with sticks and you think it’s the best game on the planet.

You are learning all sorts of new things. You love to imitate the silly noises we make at you. And when we say “Praise Jesus!” you throw your hands high in the air. You don’t say a lot yet but you do have one word down, “mum-mum.” That’s right, you learned the name of your favorite cracker as your first word! You are your father’s son :)

You are officially a little boy now. I can see it more and more every day. Still, I know that when you wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream or whatever it is that wakes you, you will still want to snuggle in close to me. I know that when we’re in a new situation and there’s people you don’t know and you get all shy that you will hold on to me a little tighter. When I see the connection we have my mama’s heart is satisfied and I can be free to let you run and explore and climb.

I love you little bobo. I’m glad we got you and you got us! Forever and ever.

~Mom (feel free to learn to say mama as your next word! it’s so close to mum-mum… I know you can do it!)