Ack! It’s thursday again? How did that happen? This week has been a sicky week for our household. We all caught colds and then Joshua and I shared the stomach flu (thanks buddy!). Blech. One thing I’m thankful for is getting better! I do hate being sick but it definitely makes you appreciate feeling “normal” when you’ve felt rotten all week. And I’m thankful for soooo many different foods that I wished I could eat all week but I was stuck with crackers and 7up. Yesterday I had ice cream. Glory.

I’m also in love with fall. Well, I always have been. It’s my favorite season and the only thing I don’t like about it is how quickly it fades into winter. Once Joshua and I started feeling better this week we made a point to spend some time outside playing in the leaves, enjoying the sun and breathing the fresh air. Joshua LOVES being outside. He loves trees and sticks and leaves and water and dirt and everything about it. Yesterday we went on a family walk, dog and all, and Joshua had a blast (minus the scraped knuckles from attempting to run and not being very good at it yet). We didn’t take our camera on the walk but I did get a couple fun shots of Joshua playing with leaves the day before (okay, I was the one throwing the leaves).

What am I grateful for this week? Fall leaves, fresh autumn air and the health to enjoy it all.