As you may or may not have heard, we are starting a new adventure! Jason has transitioned his focus here at IHOP and is no longer serving with the onething internship. He is now working with an IHOP department called the Luke18 Project. To quote their mission statement, “Luke18 Project is a missional movement that exists to train 10,000 young pioneering leaders to plant prayer furnaces in the hardest and darkest places of the earth.” (A prayer furnace is just lingo for a group of people committed to praying for their region.) One of Luke18’s focuses is college campuses- to see students trained in prayer, develop a heart for the nations, and sent out to reach the ends of the earth. Historically it is college age young adults that God has used to bring revival and change nations. We want to see that happen again!

So, here we go. As full-time IHOP staff Jason spends 24 hours a week in the prayer room and 24 hours a week serving a department. As of this past week he is spending his service hours up on a local university campus, Park University. Park is a small university with a beautiful campus in a cute little Missouri town called Parkville, about 30 minutes from where we live. Of the 2,500 students, 650 of them are international students! His goal is to find a core group of students who have a passion for Jesus, to train & inspire them in the place of prayer and to reach out to the rest of the campus with the love of Jesus.

This beautiful campus is Park University!

As anyone who has ever pioneered anything knows, it is a slow-going process. We could sure use your prayers! Our first need is to become a recognized student group so that we can have meetings on campus and advertise legally :) To become a student group you need 5 committed students to appear to the student senate and explain why this group is a benefit to their campus. Then you need the senate to agree. We are close to having five students, but meeting more students is a bit tricky when you are not yet official. Please pray for favor, divine appointments and encouragement.

Jason has a lot of great ideas up his sleeve once the group is official including: serving the campus by being conversation partners to international students, working with the other campus ministries to host a showing of the Nefarious documentary, taking students for saturday excursions to IHOP to experience the prayer room, weekly Bible studies and prayer & worship gatherings, etc etc etc.

He is up on campus right now at an activities fair. He’s all ready with materials to promote our group and soda to give away but needs a little help from Jesus to get an official table going since all his committed students have schedule conflicts. If you read this sometime today, please send up a quick prayer for him to meet some peeps. Thanks! We’ll keep you posted as the school year gets underway.

Jason at a Park event earlier this week, winning the hearts of students with his goofball ways and mad ping pong skills. (photo stolen from the Park U facebook page)