Can you believe it’s been a year? We hardly can. Looking back and remembering the emotions and anticipation a year ago… it seems like a lifetime ago and yet like it was yesterday.

Dear Joshua,

I remember when I saw you for the first time. I remember being so excited, grateful and overwhelmed at the gift of life we’d been given. Your life.

I remember it all being so surreal… am I really a mom now?

I remember those first weeks of your life: sleep deprived yet captivated by this little bean. Who would he become?

I remember how small you were- just under 7 itty bitty pounds! I couldn’t imagine you fitting into those huge 12 month clothes people had given us.

I remember how you would fall asleep on me and how precious those times were.

Now look at you! You’re a toddler. Well, almost…. you don’t technically toddle unless you’re holding on to furniture. You’re my 22 pound explorer. Getting you to stay on my lap for 5 minutes is near impossible unless it’s storytime right before bed. I love story time :) I love how you want to explore, climb, crawl, discover everything and everywhere. I can imagine that when you learn to run there will be no stopping you! Sometimes as I watch you intensely investigate a new toy or object I think maybe you’re going to be an engineer. I’m pretty sure you already figured out how the vacuum works.

I love being your mom. You are a delight. Your big smile lights up the room. What a year you have ahead of you… you have so much waiting for you to discover and learn.

Just remember, you may be almost walking and not terribly interested in snuggling, but you’re still my baby bobo. You’re special. I love you. No one can take your place.

Happy birthday Joshua Aidan! Bring on the cake.

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