Our highlights of 2010 in photos:

1. Hands down, our favorite highlight of the year is our little rockstar.

2. As part of working with the Intro to IHOP internship we hosted weekly small groups in our home. Always good food and great people! Our most recent group is pictured below:

3. We both had the opportunity to go on a retreat with Ransomed Heart ministries in Colorado for a weekend of refreshing and connecting with God’s heart for us. (We really recommend the Wild at Heart bootcamp for men and the Captivating retreat for women if you get the chance!)

4. Seeing family is always a highlight! We are so grateful we were be able to see our families a lot this year both here in Kansas City and in Washington state.

*disclaimer: we have A LOT of photos from visiting family and these are just two of many. they do not do justice to capturing all the good times and the many loved ones we saw :)

5. Thanks to awesome friends we’ve been able to go on a number of dates, including celebrating our 7th anniversary and attending a Sufjan Stevens concert (something we’ve tried to get tickets to for years!!) and were able to audit a class together on the book of Isaiah through IHOPU. Thanks to our KC friends for helping out with our little bobo!

Overall, 2010 was a fabulous year for us. God has done good things in both our hearts, something we don’t have a photo for but is a highlight nonetheless! We are ever grateful for his kindness, patience and tenderness towards us. We anticipate 2011 will be a year full of more good things and learning to lean in to His presence in the inevitable difficulties.