Good news! The thousand dollars I needed for this trip has now been raised! Praise the Lord, and thank you supporters! If anyone is sad at this news because you wanted to be a part of sowing into this trip, you can still be involved. Any money I receive towards Haiti from today until I leave January 1st will simply be converted into benevolence gifts for the orphanage and missions center at the church we will be working with.

Above is a map of Haiti with an arrow pointing at the village of Grand Goave  (about an hour from Port-au-Prince) where we will be based at for the leadership conference. What I know of the schedule of events is this: Sunday we will speak at a church in the morning and another in the evening. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be a leadership conference with anywhere from 60 to 600 in attendance, there’s really no telling at this point. I will most likely speak five or six times – a few of the main sessions, with several workshop sessions as well. Our theme is “Intercession unto Revival through the Power of God.” Thursday through Saturday we will be engaged with various benevolence projects from serving at medical clinics to helping build temporary housing and spending time with kids at the orphanage. On Sunday the 9th we will again speak at two different churches and then head home on Monday, January 10th and get back to KC on the 11th.

How does one encourage a people who have gone through the devastation that Haiti has undergone? How does one who has never experienced anything of such a magnitude come in with anything worth saying? These are the questions that I ponder as I prepare to visit this ravaged land for eleven short days. I go with some fear and trembling, as well as with joyful anticipation of God doing powerful things during our sojourn. The pastor who is leading this trip and I have both had dreams about the trip, and we are full of faith for what the Lord is going to do.

You may have read about various levels of upheaval over the last few weeks and months from an outbreak of cholera, to riots over alleged election fraud to even violence in reaction to percieved culprits of the cholera outbreak. Please pray that our team would be safe, healthy and have the Lord’s protection and favor with all that we do. Pray also that we would communicate God’s heart clearly and powerfully for the Haitian people.

I will most likely be bringing my laptop, so I will try to give regular updates while in Haiti!

Thanks again for you prayers and support!

For His glory,