IHOP–KC was featured on the cover of the November issue of Charisma magazine. Charisma editor, Marcus Yoars, was recently here in Kansas City to experience the prayer room first-hand and to interview Mike Bickle and other IHOP–KC leaders. Mike Bickle also contributed an article, writing about the Church’s identity as a house of prayer. Below are links to Marcus’s article & editorial about IHOP, as well as Mikes Bickle’s article. All three articles give  a good sense of the vision of IHOP. We thought you might enjoy checking them out. :)

We Won’t Stop Praying by Marcus Yoars

What God Calls His House by Mike Bickle

Beauty in the Back Row, Charisma editorial by Marcus Yoars

or to view a cooler version of the entire emagazine click here.