Yesterday we received a phone call from the birth mom that her doctor said she’s progressed enough that she could be induced today! She decided to go for it so we swiftly packed and jumped in the car :) (Yes, there were plenty of freak out moments and running from room to room like headless chickens!)

We arrived in Texas late last night and got up bright and early to head to the hospital. Hopefully baby bobo will be born today! (or tomorrow at the latest) Eeeeeee!!! We’re in the waiting process now and keeping ourselves entertained by installing the car seat, checking our email and drinking coffee :)

We would love it if you’d say a few prayers for us. Pray for the birth mom, for a safe and quick delivery, for her heart in this emotional time, for the baby’s health, and for grace for us as new parents! Also, there is a 48 hour waiting period after the baby’s born before the birth mom can legally sign over her parental rights. Please pray for all of us during these 48 hours for peace and patience! There’s always a possibility she could change her mind and if that were to happen we hope we would respond out of love & grace.

We will update y’all after the baby is born and then again after the 48 hour waiting period. If all goes through as planned we’ll post cutie pie pictures in a couple days!