Our birthmom’s due date is 6 weeks from today! We continue to be excited, hopeful and a little apprehensive. I think we’re pretty much ready. Well, as ready as you can be… almost. Granted, we haven’t read all those books you’re supposed to read or hung up art in the baby room. Everyone tells us to sleep now because we won’t be sleeping much then, but I have a hunch you can’t save it up anyway. The closer the due date gets the more real it starts to feel and the more I hold my breath just a little more hoping that this all goes through.

Even though the waiting and the “rollercoaster” have been difficult, my thoughts and prayers are with friends right now who are wrestling with difficult health situations with their babies. One with a congenital heart defect who is still in the womb and one born prematurely at 25 weeks and fighting like a champ. I know you cannot compare difficulties, but who am I to complain about the emotional roller coaster of waiting when these new parents are grappling with such weighty struggles? What should be a time of joy is for them mingled with grief, confusion and difficulty. My heart goes out to them and all I can do is throw weak prayers up with tears…praying for a miracle, praying for them to have the grace to walk out a hard road, praying that the Lord would reveal His nearness in the midst of pain.