It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog. About a week ago we were contacted by the birth mother to let us know that she’s decided to keep her child and let her brother and sister-in-law help take care of the baby. We are surprised and heartbroken. Although it doesn’t feel real, I know it is. And although I don’t understand why yet, I trust the Lord knows what He’s doing. In the meantime, we are grieving, as our hearts were already connected with this little one we thought would be our baby bobo. Plans were made, showers thrown, plane tickets purchased. I think I’m having the hardest time letting go of the four months of building a relationship with the birth mom and the attachment I already felt with the life inside of her.

There is a possibility that the birth mother could change her mind and decide to go forward with the adoption after all. The adoption agency is hoping for this option and has encouraged us to wait until the baby is born to see what the birth mother ends up doing. In the end, if she does keep the baby we will be re-matched through this same agency. If she changes her mind and would like to reconsider adoption, we will be ready to be there for her and the baby.

Please join us in praying the best for this little one, for the birth mother and for our hearts. We want whatever situation is best for the baby, be that the birth mom’s extended family or us. We want healing and wholeness for the birth mom and comfort in this difficult time for her. And we need the Lord to help us to carry our hearts as He would have us. We are grieving and yet trying to stay open to love and to whatever He brings our way.

We’ll keep you posted as the roller coaster continues…   ~Kara