As baby bobo’s due date draws nearer, it’s starting to feel a little more real. We’re going to be parents! Finding out that she’s a girl and having a baby shower have helped the feeling real process. Sometimes I go and just sit in the baby room and try to imagine what she’ll look like, what our lives will look like when she comes, how it will feel to be a mom. With about two months left to wait we have a whole list of things to tackle, books to read, and decisions to make before she arrives… and yet I can’t help but feel a little impatient to meet her. The feeling is a weird combination of excited anticipation mixed with apprehension of being responsible for a little human life mixed with an awareness that life is going to be forever different once she’s born. Put it all together and you get kind of a giddy-butterflies-in-the-stomach-with-intermittent-cold-sweats. (Ha, just kidding about the cold sweat part.) I guess it comes with the first time parent territory!

I guess I’m going to spend the next two months planning, researching, decorating, praying, sleeping, and daydreaming in baby bobo’s room :)