This past week we received a call from an adoption agency in Florida to tell us they had a birth mother choose us! We can now say we’re expecting! She is due May 7 so we have a bit of time to prepare and finish up our fundraising. We do not yet know the gender of the little one, but hope to find out soon. Both birth parents are African American, so we’ll be heading into the adventure of becoming a multi-racial family. We are so excited!

The agency is Bundle of Hope and so far they’ve been fabulous to work with. Everyone who works there is an adoptive parent, so they all understand the many questions and emotions we’re having and are so very helpful. We’ve already had two conversations via Skype with the birth mother and are enjoying the chance to connect with her and learn a little more about her. She is shy, sweet and fun :)

In the state of Florida adoptions are irrevocable 48 hours after the birth (or when the birth mother is discharged from the hospital- whichever comes first). So, that basically means that the birth mother has the right to change her mind and choose to parent the child anytime up until 48 hours after the baby is born. This is the “hold your breath” period! We’ve decided that 5 months is probably too long to hold our breath, so we are moving forward with planning, hoping and lots of praying. This is a risk with any adoption and one worth taking in our opinion.

I recently looked up what’s going on during the 20th week of pregnancy and found that the baby is approximately the size of a banana. Awwwww.

We appreciate your prayers for this little bobo banana.