I suppose at age 32 I should have this waiting thing down. I mean, not much in our lives comes instantly, besides cup of noodles. The good things, though, seem to take awhile (sorry ramen). It’s like this new soup I’ve started making- a scrumptious butternut squash soup. I think I’d make it every couple days if it didn’t take so dang long to peel, scoop and chop up the squash! The recipe claims it takes “30 minutes” from start to finish but it takes me an hour and a half or so. O-well, it’s worth it.

I consider myself a fairly patient person. I don’t yell at people from my car (mostly), I don’t take out my aggression on grocery store checkers, and I’m willing to peel a butternut squash for some yummy soup. But I’m having a hard time with this waiting to be parents thing. I’ve been doing pretty good at waiting since we’ve started the adoption process, but now that we’re closing in on having finished our part of the paperwork and all we have to do is wait to be chosen… it’s getting harder. There’s plenty I could be doing to keep myself occupied in preparation¬† for a new little life. And I’m sure once I’m in the thick of sleepless nights and smelly diapers I’ll probably wonder what the rush was… but knowing that doesn’t seem to be helping now.

Well, what can you do? It is what it is and waiting is part of the process too. Maybe I’ll go make some soup.