We’ve finally gotten the first step of our homestudy turned in and we’re on our way! Now we will have four interviews, collect a mountain of paperwork, and pray they approve us :) The process should be done by the end of the month. Please pray for us for wisdom in our answers, wisdom for the homestudy people, and patience with the collecting of paperwork! Also, pray for the Lord to provide the right child at the right time for our family. We really do appreciate you!

As we head into this process it’s all becoming a little more real feeling. I suppose when you’re pregnant, you have 9 months to prepare yourself and get used to the idea of being a parent. But are you ever really ready before you actually experience it? I kind of doubt it (not that I know what I’m talking about). Since we don’t know who we’re adopting we don’t really know what the time frame is and it all feels a little surreal. It could be next month. It could be next year. Talking to the social worker about it all makes it feel more like it’s happening though! So, our gestation period might not be exactly 40 weeks- I suppose we’ll dive in like everyone else when the time comes!