Some people have asked us to tell a little more about the child we hope to adopt. Of course, we don’t know much about him or her yet, but we can share some of our thoughts and hopes!

There are so many different routes you can take to adopt that deciding how to go about it can be overwhelming before even taking the first step! You can adopt through a variety of agencies, domestically or internationally, through the foster care system or privately, etc etc. After much deliberation, we’ve decided to adopt an infant domestically… aka: a newbie newborn from somewhere within the US.  We’re big fans of adopting internationally or through the foster care system- but have decided that this is the way for us to go for our first adoption. We haven’t put any parameters on the adoption concerning the gender or the race of the little one. Basically, we’re requesting a human baby :)

We’ve chosen to go through an “adoption consultant” rather than a single agency. She’s like our tour guide through the adoption process. She’s helped lots of people through the maze that is domestic adoption and we’re grateful to have her input & experience. Because we’re going through a consultant, we can work with multiple adoption agencies to help us find the right match.

Since we don’t know anything about this little one that is destined for our family, we’re calling him or her “baby bo-bo” for now. In fact, if you come over to our new house you’ll find baby bo-bo’s room just down the hall from ours (of course, right now it’s really a room full of unpacked boxes and packing materials). Why baby bo-bo? Well, that’s a story for another day…